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Adding another one to the repertoire of cons

Saturday I got up early and went to Katsucon. Em's parents dropped me off in Crystal City around 10 which was awesome. I registered right away and wandered around for a bit. Finally I ended up going to the dealer's room. I wanted to go to the Webcomics panel at 11 but I got there a few minutes late and the doors were all closed and they wouldn't let people in (only had the option of waiting in a line for Psycho Le thanks). After that I went back down near registration because I knew Taco was planning to come and I figured registration would be a good place to look, and sure enough there she was with TC and their friends Chibi and John. I hung with them all day, though I didn't really do many of the events. I hit up the dealer's room again, tried for AMVs but it was really messed up, and saw the cosplay (which was awesome! totally worth it). We also wandered around the artists area a lot and generally hung out. Also, Taco stole a head. Cosplay ended around 9:45, we didn't stick around for the awards so we headed to the metro.

No costume at this one