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Local Convention!

Anime Boston was April 9, 10, and 11 2004 at the Boston Park Plaza hotel. A convention in MA!

I picked up Sam at her house a little after 11 on Thursday night and we stayed up really late finishing
her last minute costume stuff. Friday morning, I got up at 6 (no sleep!) to shower and try to dye my
hair black (never use spray dye). We changed into costumes and I double checked the directions with my
mom. We left at abou 7:45 am (only 15 minutes behind schedule). We drove up to Braintree with Sam's
cross punisher in the bed of my pickup truck and got there at about 8:40. Took the T into the city and
we met some cosplayers on the way. It was cool. The entire end of the car we were in on the green line
was conventionites.
Arriving at the convention, I was pleased to find there was absolutely NO LINE to pick up our badges wich was awesome! (a little later
I noticed a line, haha). We basically had some time to kill before stuff started that we wanted to see,
so we wandered around to get to know the layout of the building, took pictures and posed for them, and
decided which events we wanted to attend that weekend. Out  of shear bordom, we went to the Opening
Ceremonies (I've never done that before at a con) and got decent seats (we waited until the line had
gone inside, hehe). When that ended, we went next door for the Chibi Project Live! which I've been
looking forward to since I heard it was done last year. That was cool, because they sawed Pikachu in
half and showed off chibi moon, burned gundam, and sock ally. I got some pictures, but they didn't come
out so well. Immediately after that we went back to Main Events for Crispin Freeman's panel. That was
cool. He's a really interesting guy. He even did Maar's voice! We got in line for his autograph right
after that. I was kinda sad because I had planned to buy a really cool Hellsing poster and get him to
sign it, but that was impossible with the way times worked out, so he signed my Alucard hat. I got a
picture with him too and he wore the hat which was cool. I kinda felt bad though because everyone was
asking for pics. Oh well. At 3 we watched Tokyo Godfathers. I was so excited that they played that and
it was so good! I got a free poster of it as well, yay! Originally we had planned to watch Marmalade
Boy, but we were starved and still hadn't been up to the room. We dropped some stuff (including my hat
and jacket - way too hot!) in the room and went to Brigham's for dinner (surprisingly cheap!). When we
got back to the hotel, we really didn't have much to do, so we checked out the the manga room. After
that we got in line for Whose Line is it Anime? The wait didn't seem that long and we got some pictures
of costumers while waiting. We had excellent seats in the 4th row. The show was amusing. I was impressed
and all the actors seemed really cool. When that ended, Sam wanted to see some of Twleve Kingdoms, so we
went up there for a bit. I was exhausted, not having slept the night before, so we went back to the room
to shower and crash.
Saturday morning we got up at 8:30 to get breakfast at this dinner near the Prudential. It was decent,
better than fast food type stuff. We came back to the hotel and changed into costumes. Sam was planning
to be Faye, but her costume kept falling apart. She decided to walk down to the 7-11 to see if she could
get safety pins and meet me later downstairs. I finished getting changed and walked around the mezzanine
area. A bunch of people took my picture which was so awesome! I felt so loved. I sat in on the second
half of the shojo panel while waiting. Sam finally showed at 11 in her Chii outfit. We headed over to
the dealer's room from there. I was surprised that there was still a line to get in, but it wasn't that
long. The first thing I saw when I walked in was Battle Royale, so I bought that. I also got some
Hellsing capsule toys, Hellsing shirt, and an Anime Boston shirt. Not much for the first trip, but
that's ok. On the way out, we saw a sign for the Comcast van so we went over there and the guy gave us
free popcorn and Azumanga posters. Upon returning to the hotel, we got in line for the ADV panel (only
about 7 people ahead of us). That was interesting, and Sam won a DVD for answering the question about
Pedro's sexy wife. After that we watched Azumanga Daioh which was really funny. We left that a walked
around for a bit. We ran into Joey who was 1st in line for the cosplay (-_-). We grabbed some dinner at
Au Bon Pain and wandered for bit. By then the cosplay line was getting long so we finally gave in and
got in line. We were the 3rd group in line in the second room they corraled everyone into (the
registration one ya know?). That seemed to take forever but we still had good seats (I'm shocked at how
everyone can sqeeze in that room). The cosplay wasn't anything special. The Vash that won everything was
really good as was Badger, haha. The AMVs that won were good as well. YMCA was funny. I changed out of
my costume and hoped to see Someday's Dreamers. That video was running behind for some reason so we
ended up sitting through some other completely random show about magical gamers or something. It also
broke at the ending so stuff was delayed more. I finally got to see an episode of Someday's Dreamers
that was kind of random. We walked around after that and then I got tired so we returned at 12:30 for
Sunday, I slept in a bit and packed up all my stuff. We went to the dealer's room again looking for
deals. Nothing great, but I did get Azumanga vol. 1 for 20% off. I also got a bunch of pins, and a
Miroku thing. There really wasn't much else to do that we were interested in, so we left at 11:30.
All in all, it was a great convention. Time seemed to have passed too quickly though. I did a lot this
time though, probably more than all the other cons I've been to combined. I never go to video screenings
or panels and this convention I went to multiple ones.  I didn't make any new friends though (a con first) though everyone was really friendly. The entire convention impressed me and I'll deffinitely be returning in 2005.

Guests announced:
-Nobuteru Yuuki
-Michael Coleman
-Crispin Freeman
-Lauren Goodnight
-Hilary Haag
-Lex Lang
-Monica Rial
-Dave Wittenberg
-Robert and Emily DeJesus
-Carl Horn
-David Williams

-Very well organized and well run convention
-The venue was small, but not overcrowded. At least AB is moving to the convention center next year
-The line for the dealer's room was kind of annoying, but can't be helped
-The staff was really nice and understanding
-I wish they played more than brand new aniime

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Me as Alucard

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