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2003...the best year yet!

We were already down in MD so Sam and I got up early and arrived at the convention around 9 am. The lines were HUGE but as we walked to pre-reg Tuffie saw us so we jumped the line with her XD. Yes we are bad children. While waiting and freaking out, TC and his friend hey Steve came and then Gonk and his friends showed. We registered relatively quickly. It didn't seem that long of a wait, plus I got a Robin badge! Yes! After being registered we all went upstairs to sort of organize. We all went to watch some AMVs together until noonish. Tuffie and TC left to do their own thing. Meanwhile the dealer's room line was wicked long so Gonk took off to his hotel and Sam and I wandered around hoping to run into people we know. At 1 we met Gonk again at the fountain and made it to the dealer's room where we immediately separated. I bought a few shirts right away and got in line for free Witch Hunter Robin shirts at Bandai. The long was frickin long and my shirt is way to big for me, but still worth it. Sam decided just to meet me later when I was done shopping. I didn't really get much then and mostly shopped around. I went and found Sam who happened to be with Checkers, Slag, and AN. That was groovy. Tuffie ran by but she had to go meet DJ. At 4, we went to check-in/drop stuff at the hotel. Coming back into the con, we ran into Tuffie and TC so we went with them and just hung out. Everyone kept taking pics of Sam so she got separated from us. We just sat by the concessions and ate pocky and I met TC's freind Logan and his friend Kelsey. Groovy people. We all went to dinner with Taco, Koji, Slag, AN, and the now found Sam at Inner Harbor. We made up a joke about "watching Akira" and ate overpriced food. Sam left early to find Gonk. We all headed towards the line for MAT3K when everyone disappeared! Kelsey and I were walking in the front of the group and we turn adn everyone is nowhere to be seen. Oh well, went upstairs to the line ans Sam was right there too so we three sat together. The line was rather uneventful except that I spilled coffee x.x MAT3k was cool. The beginning was the funniest but now I forget all the good parts. After that we went to the fan parodies with Gonk joining us. We saw ReDeath (wich was my favorite), Fanboy Bebop, and 60 Billion Funky Chickens. Funny stuff. After that it was 1:30 am so we went to sleep.

We got up early again, but didn't really have anythign to do when we got. A quick stop at the concessions turned into quiet the meeting place. As we sat down Kelsey showed up and soon after Al, Paul, and Nick came over. It was cool and silly. Psy saw us and said hi so we got pics. Then Margs came over for more pics. That was fun. After that we sort of wandered (Sam, Kelsey and I) to find something to do and eventually settled on AMVs. Ater awhile of that we headed to the dealer's room. I bought some more stuff - my favorite being the Inuyasha bag for $39. I though it was a good price. My gift to myself. After that we ran back to the hotel to drop stuff and changed costumes. TC called and said he and Tuffie would meet us at the AMV contest (where we were meeting Kelsey). So we ran back over there and saw the contest. It was a little lacking this year in my opinion, but generally good videos. We all reconvened (TC, Tuffie, Sam, Kelsey, and myself) and went to the dealer's room again. Sam was meeting Gonk so she left us. We finished up and then waited near the main event stairs for Sam and Gonk. They weren't on time so we got in line for the cosplay and I looked for them. When I came back they were there so it all worked out. I put together my Trigun toys in line and played cards with Kelsey. We had awesome seats once in the front ^_^. Before the cosplay was rather plain. Everyone was quiet and no camera panning ;_;. The suddenly Gonk got up and held his chair over his head and started yelling for chair. Everyone went crazy after that which was great. We had a church chant for Sam's confessional and we got it on camera (yay!). Sam and Tuffie kissed, but I accidentally erased the video I made of it ;_;. The cosplay was so good this year. All the skits were great! Smach Bros, Escaflowne, anime ideas, Cid, and Will the Sakura were my favs. Gonk yelled "DIGIMON ARE THE CHAMPIONS" and the MC made fun of him. I'll probably remember more later. The MC guy was cool and good at stalling for time. I cheered for the tech people when the camera showed them (heh *dork*). So we basically tried to stay at the cosplay as long as possible because there wasn't anything else to do for awhile. TC left and Logan came and joined us. We headed towards video 1 for more parodies. We lost Sam again and Tuffie had to go at midnight. So I went down to the video room with the others where Sam was waiting (with Gendo!!). We saw Nescaflowne and This is Otakudom. They were good. Nescaflowne was probably my 2nd fav overall (after ReDeath of course). We left when all that ended at 2 am.

Sunday we arrived after 10. We ran into TC and Tuffie on a couch near the concessions (yet again). Kelsey soon found us there and Al, Paul, Joey, and Nick came by. Al bought me overpriced soda and took pics of us. They went on while the rest of us went to the dealer's room. Kelsey met up with Logan at 11:30 to leave so we said good bye to them and sang the ending song from Blue's Clue's (^_^;). After that we waited around for Gonk to show and TC, Tuffie, Slag, and AN came by. We said goodblye to Tuffie who left at 12. Gonk showed just after that so I went to the dealer's room again with Sam, TC, and Gonk. We met up after that and hung out for as long as possible. TC and Sam decided food was in order but Gonk couldn't come. So we said bye to him and went to Burger King. We met up with Al and Paul on the way there so they came too. That was fun just because it was so random and it was weird to have online friends and school friends talking with each other. I dunno but we talked about how the con couldn't end, etc. When all was done it was back to the con to wait until it ended.

All in all....Otakon 03 was so excellent. I hung out with people I don't usually hang out with and met new people too! I loved my costumes. Sam's confessional was a hit! Parodies rock (ReDeath forver!). The con was a lot more crowded but I got over it. The Mariott rocks my world. The one across from the BCC, it was nice, close, reasonably priced, and our room worked out well.

Me as Robin


Me as Kyoko



Guests announced:
-TM Revolution
-Itsuro Kawasaki
-Tsukasa Kotobuki
-Yoshiaki Iwasaki
-Masao Maruyama
-Rica Matsumoto
-Toshihiro Kawamoto
-Satoshi Nishimura
-Frederick Schodt
-Julie Davis
-Dr. Susan Napier
-Steve Bennett
-Jan Scott-Frazier
-Robert DeJesus
-Fred Gallagher
-Scott Houle
-Pamela Weidner
-Justin Cook
-Pontus Madson
-Johnny Young Bosch
-Gabe and Tycho
-Mandy Bonhomme
-Brian Drummond
-Kristine Sa

-Once again, the use of the whole convention center helped with crowds, though it was still really croweded
-This cosplay was so excellent
-Free stuff always rocks
-Fan parodies rock the backyard
-They needed to pan the cameras through the crowd and show off people's signs before big events (like cosplay or MAT3k)
-There was a surprising lack of chair....or any chants for that matter

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