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My first con!

Otakon started for me early Thursday morning August 9thMy mom and I picked Sam up around 6 am and drove to Providence T.F. Green airport. I was happy because I hadn't seen Sam since right after school got out in June. Our flight left sometime in the morning and we arrived in Baltimore around 10:30 am I think. My aunt picked us up at the airport and we went back to her house in Crofton, MD. Sam slept all day (she had been on flights all day the day before and didn't get home until after midnight) and I hung out.
Friday we slept in late and didn't leave for the city until noon-ish. We ate at the food court first and got into our costumes. We didn't actually get into the convention until 2 (I told my mom 12 because we were meeting the TRHQ crew at 3 in front of the dealer's room ><). By then the dealer's room line was huge and we had no choice but to wait in it. When we got into the dealer's room our group was nowhere to be seen so Sam and I just went shopping until about 5. When we came out of the dealer's room I recognized Margaux by her costume and a picture she ahd posted once. We went over and introduced ourselves to everyone, took pictures, and went through our new stuff. Then, a bunch of people were going to dinner to be back for the MAT3K (which I knew we couldn't stay for) so we all parted. We decided we'd meet Margaux and Gonk in the morning to see Oh My Goddess: The Movie. We met up with my mom and my aunt at 6 and got dinner and went home and watched Sam's Lodoss tapes.
Saturday we got up pretty early in order to make it for the movie. We arrived at the con around 10 I think and went to go see Hikaru Midorikawa's panel. It was crowded so we stood in the back. We left a little early to go to the OMG movie, but when we finally found the theater we found out it'd been cancelled! Gonk showed up shortly after us so we decided to hang out for a bit in case Margaux showed up but she didn't so we went to the dealer's room. While marvelling at all the anime goods, the three of us got split up (it's so easy to loose people in there). I walked around for awhile and eventually found Sam but we never found Gonk XD. In trying to escape from an excited crowd around House of Anime, we met Jigglykat! It was weird because I didn't even know he was there XD. After that round of spending money, we sat outside the dealer's room and ate snacks. We saw TP there so she came over and talked to us. VB ended up walking right by us, so Sam chased him up the escalator (and scared his dad) to tap him on the shoulder and get him down there. We got pictures and then Sam and I left to get in line for Hikaru Midorikawa's autograph. The line was HUGE when we got there (and we got there early too) but it eventually moved along. We had to have been there for over an hour at least. I got a Slayers tape signed and Sam got a picture of Tamahome that a kid at school drew for her. After that I think we just walked around and looked at people's costumes. We found everyone in front of the dealer's room again and headed up to wait in line for the cosplay. We actually weren't too far back in line (I found myself in a picture online of the front of the line). We were seated near the back of the room but in the middle, but we didn't care. They kept delaying the start so we just acted silly and sang songs. I took apart my crappy Yui costume while sitting there and passed out snacks. We were suppose to meet my mom at 7 that night to leave, but I wanted to see at least soem of the cosplay. Ashide Bunni let me use her cell phone to ask my mom for more time. Oh yea we can't forget out "We want Taco" chant that pissed everyone around us off ^_^. The cosplay FINALLY started at 7. I only got to see the little kid's skits and missed Taco's appearance. Oh well it was still fun. We met my mom, aunt, and uncle downstairs and tried to find a place to eat. Every place was crowded so we just headed back towards Crofton and didn't eat until 10:00 at Jasper's.
Sunday we got to the con around 11. We went back to the dealer's room and spent the rest of our money (they were practically giving stuff away). On the way out we met up with Gonk and Salsa who were going up to the Karaoke room, so we joined them. We got to see Gonk sing too. We left them at 2 because we had to leave the con. On the way out we passed Gin and gave hugs and took pictures. And that concluded my first Otakon experience.


What I learned from O2K+1:
-Don't mind big lines
-Go all day
-Don't depend on their schedule (I wanted to see the movie!)
-Spend more on Sunday in the dealer's room
-Go REALLY early to autograph sessions
-Stay for the whole cosplay
-Take LOTS of pictures