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Not the best, but still a great time


We left the house just after 6AM on Friday but stopped in Bourne to get gas so we didn't really get out on the road until about 6:30. We made really good time, the only traffic we hit was in CT, there wasn't even that much in NY (there were lots of cars, but they werre moving through the whole time). We arrived around 11 AM with a few minor "detours" due to NJ's fucked up highways. We knew where the exit was, we just couldn't get there -_-.

I had pre-regged, so I was in and out of registration in about 2 seconds, so I had to wait for Sam to get through the line (it wasn't that long). We walked around a bit and got in touch with Logan. Finally decided to watch the AMV's at 12 since there wasn't anything else going on. That started 45 minutes late (!). The videos weren't THAT bad, but I mostly wanted to see the comedy ones which were the last part of the block. There was too much Evanescence "drama" so we gave up at about 2. Logan went to a panel while we walked around for bit, not doing much. I think we checked out the dealer's room at that point, but didn't buy anything. Then, Sam and I went to the Anime Price is Right game show (which unfortunately was unorganized) but I was a contestant and won a Robotech boxset and pity pocky (my game was so unfair and the crowd agreed). We checked out the manga room where I read Hot Gimmick vol. 1. I was glad they had new titles there this time. Logan met up with us and checked into the hotel room. We met him up there shortly afterwards and we had nothing to do. Eventually, I was starving, so we left to find food. That town was so bad. There was nothing but outlet malls and big buildings owned by random corporations. We stumbled upon the Quiznos (there weren't any street names on the map provided by the con), and the food was pretty good, but they, like, took apart my sandwich 7 times and I thought I was going to get a disease. We hung out in the room a bit more and finally ended up checking out "Confessions of an Otaku", where Sam was a volunteer panelist, and after that "Bath House Anime" XD. Both ended up just being like open forums, the first we mostly talked about fandom, and the second we just talked about anime and the quality of it's releases here in the states. That craziness ended at 9 and we were tired so we actually went up to the room shortly afterwards. We watched some bad Steve Martin movie and weird infomercials until 11 and just joked around until we fell asleep a little after midnight.


Woke up on my own at about 9. We all got around then and got ready and into costumes and such. I wore my Sana costume and Sam was Chii again. Sam and I went to Margaux's Ranma panel at 10. Don't know anything about Ranma but I suppose it went well. At 11 we met up with Logan again and hit up the dealer's room. There were some annoying little girls singing stupid religious songs behind us. I saw a bunch of FMA cosplayers and some cool people who recognized my Sana costume. Yay. In the dealer's room I bought: orange flip-flop things, 6-pack Ramune, Lychee nut Ramune, original Pocky, 2 packs of spring pocky (green tea and some cinnimony toffee kind that's really good), Record of Lodoss War wallscroll (for my dorm this coming year since I lack space in my room currently), FMA chibi keychains (so cute!), FMA coasters XD (they were cool), FMA picture cards, and FMA stickers. Din't mean to buy only FMA stuff, but everything else of interest wasn't quite as exciting. Sasuga books had lots of FMA school supplies, I wish I still went to school! (wait no I don't XD). We dropped purchases off in the room and had nothing to do. Coming back down, we ran into Margs and her friend and talked to them for a long time. That was nice. Logan had gone to the Fox Box panel, so Sam and I walked down to the cafe that was near the hotel. We should have gone there yesterday because a) you could walk and b) they had a decent food selection. We took our food to this little outdoor terrace area of the hotel and it was very windy. We came back in a little after 2 and saw Logan was in line for autographs. Matt K. Miller's panel was moved to that time slot so we went to that. He said in Tenchi's voice "I love you Ryoko" XD. I got his autograph and Sam got him to talk about hobo Tenchi. The InuYasha panel immediately followed which was filled with sooooo many screaming fangirls, Sam couldn't take it and left. The panel was a panel, nothing special. Much screaming for no reason -_-;. I don't really like the dub that much honestly. When that ended they shut all the doors and it took forever to get out (stupid and claustrophobic!). Found Sam, she and Logan went to watch some anime while I went to the Shojo panel. We just sort of wandered/stood around until 6 and stopped by the dealer's room one last time. Sam was in the cosplay with some other Chiis, so she departed then and I went to the hotel to pack stuff up. A few trips up and down the hall and to the car got everything in order. I swear to god, the whole cosplay must have been staying on our floor, because everyone was rehearsing in the hallway. I ran down to the cafe again to grab a sandwich, which ended up taking forever. Also the ATM was all weird and it took awhile to get money out (and I could only get $20 ><). I came back and changed and ate. While preparing to go down to the cosplay, Logan came up and said he was in line and it wasn't worth sticking around for. We just sat around watching stupid TV and I made myself some bad coffee. At 8:45 we headed down to the Fandub Parodies. They played ReDeath wich made me soooooo happy! They also played: a Voltron one, Record of Lodubs Warz (just trying to sell insurance!), 0069: The Jion Years (Gundam War in the pocket = the Wonder Years + sex and drugs x20), Fanboy Bebop, and Ranma 1/3 (Ranma is a sexually confused and it was rather WRONG XD). I think that's it. Sam kept popping in and out because she wanted to see the cosplay results. At midnight, the Parody track ended and Sam got changed and we all headed out. Drove home, made it back by 5 AM.

Guests announced:
-Richard Ian Cox
-Moneca Stori
-Matt K. Miller
-Lisa Ortiz
-Veronica Taylor
-Mike Sinterniklaas
-Mike Pollack
-Kelli Shayne Butler
-Bill Rogers
-Kenneth Robert Marlo
-Lauren Goodnight
-The Spunks

-Friday registration lines weren't bad at all. Pre-reg took about a minute and regular registration only about 20
-They needed a more detailed program guide/book. There was an awefully plain map without street names or addresses to show where food was (of all the places listed, we could only find one of them). Also they should have listed where ATMs were located, the one in the hotel was out of service.
-What was up with the mascot? All the art pertaining to the convention kinda freaked us out
-Also, what happened with convention t-shirts? I had assumed theyd be in the dealer's room, but I couldn't find them. Even the staff members I asked had no idea.
-The delays were ridiculous (45 mins for the first event of the day). If the room didn't open until 12, they should have been setting up equipment since the con opened at 9
-Instead of having 7 million staffers standing around yelling at people passing through the lobby, they should have been helping to fix whatever problems arrose that caused all the delays.
-I found it funny that all the security people were carrying wooden swords XD
-They needed more panels, after the main events started, there were only 2 panels and 2 videos open.
-I think the fan parodies went over better at AN that at Otakon. Partially because everyone was close together in a small room laughing together instead of spread out across a huge room so it feels that you're watching by yourself.
-People noticed my uberpimp Gendo shirt!


Me as Sana