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It all comes back to Otakon...

Thursday: Well I'll begin this leg of the trip with Wednesday night. I had to babysit until 11 that night, so I wasn't able to finish everything I would have liked to. When I got home, Sam and Mckenzie were already there. We ended up staying up really late and only sleeping for a couple hours. That's ok though. We got on the road around 6:30 am and rested in the car. The trip seemed to go by wicked fast. (Great for our excitement). TC called us while we were in New Jearsey to tell us that he talked to Logan or something. We arrived at Chelle and Neal's around 2 or 3. We settled in, I finished my Walter stuff and we played puppets with Brandt (which was waaaay more fun than it should have been) "Why are you so mean to me Mr. Fish?" -"Because you were mean to my mother" XD Sam is twisted. Somehow we also had an Aligator with cancer or something. I don't know. Around 5 we went to CVS for last minute things and then got pizza for dinner at an awesome italian place in Annapolis. We playe dwith toys a little longer, and called SV (who was bored in her hotel room). I think we also called Logan and possibley Gonk? and TC to find out when Tuffie would get there. We danced around outside, waiting for them... but they were lost somewhere in MD. XD Finally I decided to shower, and of course as soon as I got in, Tuffie, Matt, and Jen arrived. We were all excited and stayed up late just talking about random stuff and how crazy Canada is. I think I fell asleep by 1.

Friday: We got up by 6:45 I suppose, and took awhile to get ready. I dressed as a sleep-deprived Sana. We planned to leave by 7:15, but we didn't. We left at 7:45 (we were suppose to get TC at 7:45), and Tuffie had to get gas, which brought about another random adventure with Princess Toadstool pumping gas. We were running behind so Sam, Mckenzie, and I got dropped off at the BCC at 8:20 I'd say and found SV in line. Psy joined us soon too. We chilled, and time passed quickly. I must comment on the registration efficiency this year. I got an FMA badge. There was trouble with Mckenzie's badge, so as we headed off to settle that, Logan calls. While on the phone with him, Sam and Mckenzie disappeared, so I just told him to meet us at the bottom of the main events stairs. Everyone congregated there as the morning wore on. Tuffie never found TC, and he missed his bus. When I went to give Tuffie my phone in line (so she could talk to TC), I saw Taco and Koji. Gonk and his crew showed up, and Logan brought his friend Hans. When we were finally all together, we ventured down to the AMV contest at noon. Saw Margs on the way. We couldn't stay for the whole thing because Taco wanted us to meet at 2. So we left before Comedy (my favorites). It turns out Taco wasnted us all to go out to lunch, but we had already made plans with everyone to meet at 5 to eat. I ended up at the dealer's room with Sam, Mckenzie, Tuffie, TC, Logan, and probably some other people. I didn't really get to look around because right after we all split up, Mom called as said we could check-in early. So I went over there and got the room and stuff. I called TC to tell him to get Tuffie and her car over there so we could have our stuff and change, etc. I also called Gonk so he could try and check-in as well, but he had to wait until 4. I handed out keys as people came. I got changed because I was tired of my costume. I honestly can't remember what happened between then and dinner, but we met at 5 for dinner at the Inner Harbor. I got honey glazed chicken, and we discussed how all the Asian cuisine places just served the same meal with different names. Let's see, the people there that I remember were: SV, Tuffie, TC, Matt, Jen, Mckenzie, Hans, Sam, Gonk, Logan, er...probably more, we had a huge table. I know Slag, DJ, AN, and Shads came by while we were eating. I think I dropped some stuff at the room, but I may have gone shopping then as well. All I know is that at 7, I went to see Otaku Unite! which I had read about a while ago and had been interested in seeing. It was done well, but the DVD player broke in the last 15 minutes, so I just left to meet up with the others. Maybe that was when I went to the room. We all met up by the fountain, and Kelsey was there! We went to the Fan Parodies to see a Voltron one, that Logan and I had already seen at AnimeNEXT, and Nescaflowne! I forgot how wonderful Nescaflowne was. "My bastard son" "He's my betrothed. He's my arch nemisis. He's my local librarian!" After that was over, something stupid was playing, so we sat in a circle near the fountain and attempted playing card games, but the wacky game of spin the bottle prevailed. Gonk left for a porn panel, and Logan wanted us to go to whatever hentai was showing. At midnight we finally got up. The hentai line was long XD. We went back to the hotel room to chill. Jen and Matt were aleady there so we joined them in the watching of random TV. We watched Ripley's Believe it or Not with a giant rubberband ball. It didn't entirely make sense to me. We ate animal crackers, and I read Hot Gimmick 5 which I had bought that day. People slowly left and I'd say I fell asleep by 2.

Saturday: Somehow I slept until almost 11 on Saturday morning. The only reason I woke up was because someone was called Marlenah. I was a little upset, because I missed random con-ness. I got ready and into costume. Mckenzie and I ventured towards to the fountain to meet everyone for lunch. I ate at the pizza place next to Burger King with: Logan, Mckenzie, CrimCat, Tuffie, TC, Matt, and Sam. Most of them left for the Miyazaki panel, but SV called and was on her way over, so I waited with Mckenzie for her. Mckenzie went to find something to watch with Matt. SV and I just sort of wandered around and met up with Margs and her friend. We went to the Japanese faashion panel, but it was pretty lame so we left. They went to get ready for the concert, and I ran into Sam. We hung out with Tuffie, TC, Logan, and Mckenzie. Tuffie left us for the concert. We decided to head up to watch some AMVs and ran into Kelsey. We only saw a few before the track ended. When it did, we just hung out by the escalator to the fountain. Logan began the infamous "A Moment in Hentai" and we sort of tried to figure something out to do. DJ came by and made hentai fan art. I couldn't decide what to do (too many options at that one point in time), so ended up at the Manga Library. Mckenzie and Logan went to FMA, which only had one episode. After I was done reading, I ran into them, and we just stared at people on the escalator while waiting for the others to come out of ROD. At 7 we met up again and returned to the inner harbor so Kelsey could by Sam food and Mckenzie, TC, Logan, and I got ice cream. When we were done, I went back to the hotel with Mckenzie to change. I wore my Gendo shirt for ReDeath. We all met up by the fountain for the fan parodies and entered by 8:45 to get good seats. We had to wait for Inuyasha to end, and I had to listen to Kelsey complain about the show XD. The parodies were "Magical Downloader Girl Pretty Sue-Me" which was about illegal downloads, "Evangelion:ReDeath ReDux" which was my reason for existance, and some untitled project that was amusing but hard to follow. Some favorite parts from everything shown: "No one will recognize me dressed as Ash Ketchum!" "I'm from the Nation Association of Pirating Songs That Everyone Really wants" Aka NAPSTER The whole "Yaoi Ai for the Shonen Guy" thing "I don't understand your Japanese twister!" Bob Dole That ended by 11:30 I'd say. We hung out a bit then went back to the hotel. We decided we should take over Gonk, Logan, and Hans' room. We never left though. That whole night is very fuzzy to me, but I do know that we took pictures of Logan in bed with all the girls, Gonk and Logan kissing (Logan never got his boobies), watched informercials, Logan made more "Moments in Hentai", at one point I think Gonk kept yelling "I'm Irish I'm Irish" or something. Me, Mckenzie, Sam, Gonk, Matt, Jen, and Hans all were in the same bed. We ended up with 7 of us in a bed. Didn't sleep until 7 or after. Woke up at 8:30. Crazy Night.

Sunday: Got back to the room after awaking in the bed of doom, showered, and packed up. We all got our stuff together and put it in Tuffie's car. I checked out and all was good in the world (except for the fact that we were leaving ;_;). We all sort of hung out on the fountain again, and then saw some AMVs. We went to the dealer's room again, where I found SV again. Yay! She showed me where the FMA figurines were being sold (Sasuga) but they were out by then. We all went up to the Karaoke room where Jen was planning to sing. It was gonna be awhile until that and Gonk was leaving at 12, so we went to say goodbye to him and then got some food at the inner harbor again. We ate our food at the con and then went up to Karaoke again to see Jen. When that ended, Logan and Hans were leaving so we said goobye to them and just hung out by the dealer's room until we had to go. TC and Kelsey came with us to get Tuffie's car and we said our goodbyes. Mom picked us up we left. Actually we followed Tuffie around the block as she attempted to leave as well.

Guests announced:
-Ching Siu-Tung (Tony Ching)
-Luci Christian
-Koge Donbo
-Richard Epcar
-Chuck Hubar
-Yutaka Minowa
-Ichiro Okouchi
-Chris Patton
-Fred Perry
-Monica Rial
-Chris Sabat
-Tatsuo Sato
-Yuzo Sato
-Lianne Sentar
-Matt Thorn
-Mohammad Haque & Ananth Panagariya
-Pontus Madsen & Christian Fundin
-Ian McConville & Matt Boyd

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