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Here's to year #6 for us....

Thursday, Sam and I left Philly a little after 4:30. Probably got on the road closer to 5. We hit next to no traffic and picked up Logan close to 6. We made it to Baltimore by 7:30. Excellent timing I think. Pre-reg went fast so we met up with Sam's friend Kyle and got food at the food court. We wandered aimlessly and bought MadLibs at Barnes & Noble before finally leaving to get Mckenzie at the airport. Getting to the airport was a mini adventure of course because somehow we misplaced the directions in the couple hours we were hanging around Inner Harbor. In any case, we got Mckenzie, made it to the hotel, and then searched forever for an open parking garage. It turns out we got upgraded to a handicap room wich was very spacious (ideal for squeezing 10 people into it). Tuffie and the rest of her Canadian gang arrived soon after and yea that was it.

Friday, most of the room cleared out early to get registered and such so Sam, Logan, and I took our time getting ready for the day. We arrived at the BCC and made fun of the people waiting in line for reg and for the dealer's room. I saw Hare+Guu and Nana, got food at the food court, checked out the dealer's room, looked at the art in the auction, hung out, watched the beginning of Belladonna, a little bit of a fan parody, and hung out in the hotel room doing madlibs.

Saturday I went to the dealer's room in the morning and I was suppose to meet Tuffie to see Sex is Zero, but it got moved to 10PM ><, so I ended up seeing Kashi Mashi with everyone else. Grabbed some food at Johnny Rockets, watched Kodacha, went to the hotel and then to a chinese restaurant where we did some great madlibs. Watched some Cromartie the Movie, but we couldn't see the subtitles. Went to the J-Indie Rock panel that Margaux's friend was holding. It was pretty interesting but people in the audience were being stupid at the end. Afterwards, Sam and I raced to the fan parodies to catch the second half of Nescaflowne. After that there was nothing to do and we wandered aimlessly until we went back to the hotel.

Sunday we got up early, packed up, and checked out. Hung out at the dealer's room for awhile with Tuffie, Mary, and Candice. Sat around the fountain, bought overpriced Ramune, and stood in a line of death to get espresso at Starbucks. We also ate lunch at the food court with everyone before they had to leave. The afternoon was a lot of hanging around, dinner at Hard Rock Cafe, and the beginning of the creation of our own photo scavenger hunt for next year (oh it will be great). Dropped off Sam and Mckenzie at the airport and dropped Logan off in Delaware. After some time spent trying to find a gas station, I made it back to Philly at 9PM.

No costume plans yet...