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5 years sure goes fast...

Sam, Mckenzie, and I left my house at 7:30 am. I drove halfway through CT because I started falling asleep so Sam drove and I got scared, haha. We picked up Logan and Kelsey on the way but Kelsey was MIA so we had to wait around his house for about a half hour. I guess we made it to Baltimore by 5:30 or so and checked into the hotel. Tuffie and Jenn had just finished pre-reg so we met them and went to the Inner Harbor for dinner. We all hung out at the hotel and Gonk and Greg came after they pre-regged. Sam, Logan, Mckenzie, and I decided to try for pre-reg around 9 which was a great idea because there wasn't a line then. So the night was spent hanging out, finishing costumes, and doing Mad Libs. There were of course the obligatory 'Moments in Hentai'.

We got up early and made it to the con a little after 9. We wandered around a lot and saw the second half of Otaku No Video. After that I think it was more wandering and picture taking until we saw Cromartie High School which I found to be quite amusing. Sam and I left early to try and watch some of the Best of Past AMVs but that was cancelled so we posed for a lot of pictures and went to the Dealer's Room with the others. I bought a NERV shirt and an Otakon shirt and got a ton of free stuff. After we all regrouped we got food at the inner harbor food court. A bunch of us ran back to the Dealer's room so Gonk could show us where they sold the daddy hats and Mckenzie could show me the discount Mythwear bags. Sam got me a NERV bag and I got her a t-shirt as late birthday presents. I also picked up a Kuroneko CD case. We watched Kakurenbo at 6:30 and then Sam, Mckenzie, Logan, and I watched a couple episodes of Bleach before heading up to to meet the others at Genshiken. The fan parodies started at 9 so we stayed there until about 11:30. We all hung out by the fountain and discovered the hilarity of yaoi until 1 am when we watched Bible Black, ha! So many good quotes.

We didn't rush to the con as quickly as the day before because nothing that interesting was really happening right away. We had breakfast at Starbucks and I had lost my daddy hat the night before so I went a retrieve it. Sam and I hit up the Dealer's Room again where I bought all of Revolutionary Girl Utena which gained me a free t-shirt! I picked up some $5 manga and probably a few other things. We ran into Tuffie and Mckenzie who advised hitting up the Artist Alley for cool pins. At 12 everyone met up to watch Mr. Sauve, a live action movie about Rico Sauve which was great! I went back to Artist Alley with TC and Tuffie for more pins. At 3 we all got pizza at the place next to Burger King. Jenn and I went back to the hotel to drop stuff off and I went to see a few episodes of Ah! My Goddess TV. I was going to head up to the rest of the Megatokyo panel, but I ran into everyone else and ended up haning out a awhile. I got changed and got the Mad Libs from the hotel room and we played that for about an hour. At 8:30 we planned to watch more Genshiken, but it was cancelled so we watched Spring and Chaos which made me sooooo bored. I think I was just too tired to pay attention so I went to Burger King for snacks with Kelsey, Tuffie, and TC. We came back and watched the Fan Parodies up through Redeath. The plan originally was to see La Blue Girl, but we were all tired so we went back to the hotel.

Got up, packed up the car, and checked out of the hotel. I went back to the dealer's room for a few things. At 1 we all watched Howl's Moving Castle which was even better the 2nd time. We ate food before heading home. It took us forever but we made back to the Cape before 3 am. In New Jersey the actual Wiggles were hanging out in the rest stop we paused at oh and the great Mckenzie quote: "Sorry that I'm driving so weird, I'm drunking" haha. 903 miles from from my driveway on thursday to Mckenzie's driveway on Sunday/Monday.

Guests Announced
Yoshinori Kanemori
Toshihiro Kawamoto
Mitsukazu Mihara
the Indigo
Piano Squall
Masao Maruyama
Seiji Mizushima
Greg Ayres
Luci Christian
Richard Ian Cox
Scott McNeil
Vic Mignogna
Monica Rial
Michelle Ruff
Fred Gallagher
Pontus Madsen & Christian Fundin

-The Dealer's Room was huge!
-Artist Alley was awesome, go all you pin makers out there
-No Hellsing Ultimate :(
-So awesome that they played Howl's Moving Castle



Azumanga waitress costume

Me as an Azumanga character

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